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The real me

Well…… Everyone always says, write a blog, tell your story, people want to know you, and my answer always is, why??

I am just your ordinary mum of 2, who works, a wife to Scott (he may beg to differ) enjoys life, spends time with the children and hubby, surface cleans the house, runs a holiday cottage site, and lives. Everyday is a bonus.

One day, (as I was contracting with the youngest) I leant against the block pillars of what my dad and husband where working on together, telling them I think soon I will need to go to hospital, words from the husband and my father, can you just wait until we finish these pillars! Finish the pillars seriously, but if I knew then what I know now, I would have realised it was going to be my biggest holiday cottage ‘Burleigh Cottage’ (for you that know and have met me my son youngest is Burleigh). And as a midwife (my other job) I always encourage my women to stay at home as long as possible enjoy your surroundings, but contracting at 35 weeks being told by the men in my life to stay home was not what I would encourage any of my ladies to do!

Then it all began

From then it has been a whirlwind, I have been mummy, worked shifts, developed and have grown a site which I am proud to say is a family run business, and I don’t think you can get anymore family run than what we have managed to do. My father has built every cottage himself, we have dressed each cottage, named each cottage to the coast my sister and her children live on and I grew up on, the coast my children are even named after, Kirra and Burleigh. We have shared blood, sweat, tears and obviously arguments which have always been settled by a good hug and a cider. This is a normal family life for us and we never do it by halves. The field we have the cottages is has been transformed by Kierin, he is still here and is pretty much my adopted brother, we to have sibling arguments which again is settled by giving Kierin a cider, not so much a hug he doesn’t do hugging, Jess his lovely wifey has left us now as they have expanded their family but she was here to and still remains apart of the family and would be cursing me now with my wooly writing if she had chance (I have added this on here before she gets chance to edit)! All of our story has been created by people we truly care about and the reason it will be a success is because we will always care and this is just the beginning of something special for my family!

Chickens, Dogs and surfing

How do all these things go together you may ask yourself? Its my life, nothing goes, I was listening to BBC radio cornwall yesterday and I loved it, they bought up 5 conversations in 10 minutes, that is so me. My mind is so busy yet you can put me in a situation that needs to be calm, I can do that to. I can listen, I can help, I will try and never let anyone down and run myself very thin just to manage to do what I need to as everyone in my life I care for very much. So my way of switching off is the above three, cleaning out my chickens, talking to them, hatching them, feeding them, walking around with them if they are a bit poorly, hand feeding them water, again another thing Jess used to call me was the mad chicken lady. I remember meeting one of our regular guests now for the first time, the lovely lovely Findlays, I was walking down from my chicken pen with a chicken under my arm and she gave me a cuddle when I introduced myself and I thought crikey I am holding a chicken covered in mud and she cuddled me she is a friend for life, and so be it the family are on their multiple visit with their twins who have become friends for life with my kids and our neighbours children and this is how I see my guests, we are normal (to a point) people who love the outdoors and our pets. All of our cottages are dog friendly and we do that because we know how much your dog is part of the family, our dogs are dragged into the sea by me form an early age and their is nothing more lovely than watching them run along the shore splashing each other as they have grown to love the water as much as we do.

And well its not just surfing, its the ocean, the sea I find so calming and therapeutic. Even when I am there I don’t ignore bookings or emails but its a lush place to work and do business, And now I go to a surfing mums club which is also my way of gaining that work life balance, which probably doesn’t sound like I get much of that but I do, this is just my life, the way I like it, and the way it works.

So if this interests you I will try and update more blogs but I will guarantee you it will be coming from my head to the computer so if some don’t make sense you know why, I am signing out now I have to do the food shop!

Love the mad chicken lady, aka Nat!!



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